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I'm a lifestyle photographer specialising in portrait, food and travel photography. I'm passionate about telling stories of real people and unforgettable places.

Originally from a small town in the Italian countryside near Venice, I ventured to London in 2015 and fell in love with the city and its multicultural vibe. After a few years living in the UK I felt the need for a new adventure and moved to sunny Brisbane in Australia where I lived for over a year. I currently work between London and Venice.

With a background in visual arts and communications, I developed an eye for unique details and compelling storytelling. I love working with local cafés and restaurants as well as collaborating with brands and businesses that are looking to expand their imagery.

If you are ever looking for me, I'll probably be visiting the latest exhibition at my local gallery, or trying out a new coffee blend at one of my favourite cafés. 

Some of the great people
I've worked with

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