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5 Of My Favourite Cafés in Lisbon

I always have a list of coffee shops to check out for every city I visit. While I was in Lisbon this past September I had the chance to enjoy coffee in some of them and even discover more places to add to my list. Below you can find five of my favourite cafés in the Portuguese capital and why I like them so much.


Nicolau was one of the places on the list of coffee shops to visit in Lisbon. I enjoy a delicious banana smoothie and a chick pea salad with pink hummus. This café in the heart of Lisbon offers everyday healthy and delicious food within a relaxed environment. You'll be able to enjoy brunch all week long, or pick your favourite pancake among their broad menu choices.


When I see Neighbourhood and its beautiful blue facade I have to stop for a coffee, in fact this coffee shop has the same name of one of my local cafés in Brisbane. I seat by the window admiring locals having brunch and sipping my creamy latte with oat milk. The vibe is so relaxed, and I'll discover later that this café is Aussie own, so I now understand why I felt so much at home.

Casa do Alentejo

I meet with some friends, before they head to Porto in the evening. Marine says to know a cool place for a bite and a coffee, so we follow her without questioning. This beautiful café and restaurant boasts a dreamy Moroccan style entrance which leads to an open air dining area. We grab coffees and cake and enjoy a chat before another roam around Lisbon.


My friend Giulia joins me in Lisbon on Monday evening so we decide to go check out the flea market in the neighbourhood of Alfama the day after. While walking towards the market we spot the cutest coffee shop and decide to stop there for brunch. Augusto is a pink floored café serving delicious brunch menus, gorgeous veggie dishes and healthy homemade juices.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Another coffee shop on my list was Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Its Scandinavian look and feel makes me miss Copenhagen. We opt for cold brew coffee to fight the heat outside, and a cinnamon roll to share. I love their black tiled wall and the overall minimal look.

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