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A Foodie Experience in Puglia

Everything started when my friend Giulia suggested to join her at her gran-parents' house in Puglia in August. I was planning to go back to Italy at the end of July after one year and a half living in Australia, so it sounded like everything was falling into place and I was meant to meet her there.

I've dreamed to visit Puglia and dive into the most transparent waters for years. I've also heard about its creamiest stracciatella and most delicious buffalo mozzarella, which are to die for. It wasn't an exaggeration! Our days in Torre San Giovanni were marked by morning yoga in the terrace, more or less healthy breakfasts, some time at the beach tanning and jumping into the water, long lunches accompanied by a lots of chats and laughs, some afternoon nap, more time at the beach, and finally delicious Italian dinners with a glass of wine or two.

Where to get all this deliciousness I hear you asking? On Monday in Torre San Giovanni the market features some of the best traditional produce including all the cheese and taralli your palate desire, fresh fish, local sun-dried tomatoes, wonderful species, and so much more.. This market is a real dream for all the senses, unmissable if you visit this area of Puglia.


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