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Travel Notes: Lake Cootharaba, Rainbow Beach, Eumundi, Montville and Maleny

We spent three days camping in Lake Cootharaba slowing down and taking the time to unwind away from the daily routine. We drove up to Rainbow Beach and explore Carlo Sand Blow, the beautiful sand dunes along the coast. On our way back to Brisbane we decided to travel through the Sunshine Coast hinterland and stopped in Eumundi, Montville and Maleny for ice cream, cheese and coffee breaks.

Lake Cootharaba

When I travel I like to take it easy and even if this means having a sleep in and leaving after lunch, why not? We drove up to Lake Cootharaba on a Saturday, enjoying the sunset at Boreen Point Campground while finishing to set up our little home for few days.

After a quick dinner and some time spent reading and chatting, we decided to go check out the local pub at the Apollonian Hotel. This is the place to be for a night out in the area, beer was good, there was some live music that night and they even have a pool table.

Rainbow Beach

On Sunday we were woken up by kookaburra screaming at each other. Not exactly the way we were imagining, but I guess sleeping in nature has is pro and cons. The plan for the day was to go for a walk around Lake Cootharaba, but unfortunately all the walking tracks were closed because of the danger of bush fires in the area.

Although we all know that the best of the adventures is an unplanned one. It is so that we decided to go and explore Rainbow Beach. The temperature was perfect and it didn't take us long before jumping into the water.

After some time lying under the sun, a short nap and a refreshing grenadine, it was time for a short hike on the coastline of Rainbow Beach. We finally reached Carlo Sand Blow, a unique "moonscape" sand mass that overlooks the towering coloured sands and the coastline from Double Island Point to Inskip Peninsula and the southern tip of Fraser Island.


Monday was our last day away and it was time to slowly head back to Brisbane, so we decided to stop at some of the beautiful towns in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Our first stop was in Eumundi where we visited the Store Eumundi, a café and store selling local produce. We picked up some coffee to make cold brew at home, and their espresso blend is now in our top ten.


Our second stop was in Montville, a little town located on top of a hill and set in the picturesque surroundings of a shady tree-lined street with incredible views all the way down to the coast. We enjoyed an ice cream with this view and had a quick stroll along the main road.


After Montville we spent some time in the near Maleny. We tasted some local cheese at Maleny Cheese and we couldn't not bring home some of their delicious feta and cheddar cheese. I really appreciated to see that the local cooperative was selling organic fruits and vegetables, and I was so happy to find one of my favourite shops: The Source Bulk Foods, where I filled up my bag with oats, beans and cereals.


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